This hobby, I submit to you, is dressing up in a Moogle suit while ridden around by an anthropomorphic cat. The cat was also silent. Byleth, Egnamic Professor. Reeve Tuesti; Cait Sith (Compilation of FFVII) Additional Tags: It's All Hojo's (Compilation of FFVII) Fault; Slow Burn; Vincent Valentine Is Sephiroth's Parent; Drama & Romance; Fluff and Smut; Jenova Project (Compilation of FFVII) Original Character(s) sisteroflucrecia; it'slikeveeeeeryslowburn; slooooowwwwburn; Sephiroth's (Compilation of FFVII) Terrible Childhood; Sephiroth's Redemption; …
Kevin Gardner. Cait Sith (Compilation of FFVII) Reeve Tuesti; Porn With Plot; Age Difference; Mildly Dubious Consent; Canonical Character Death; Complicated Relationships; From Sex to Love; Microaggressions; Religious Persecution; Mentions of genocide; Interracial Relationship; Depression; Physical Abuse (in later chapters and not between the lovers) Angst and Hurt/Comfort; Mostly Canon Compliant; Bittersweet Ending; … Vincent Valentine - FFVII. Marilyn Parker … Weeb Memes. Megaphone in hand, he is always shouting orders while unleashing ridiculous attacks and when his slot machine technique succeeds, the enemies topple like toy soldiers.

Using Cait Sith For Good, Not Evil Throughout much of the game, Reeve is controlling Cait Sith. Just For Fun.

It was eerie, Reeve had gotten used to hearing the chipper and high-pitched sound of his familial accent; an echo to bounce his thoughts off.

Penny Forrester "Bolt" Movie Character. Fictional Character. Shoving down the anxiety he waits the customary rings out, urging his erstwhile friend to pick the hell up. All spoilers are unmarked. NSFW Commissions. Personal Blog. Just For Fun. Cait Sith/Reeve Tuesti Cid Highwind Yuffie Kisaragi Rufus Shinra Sephiroth Genesis Rhapsodos Angeal Hewley Professor Hojo Tseng Reno Rude Elena Cissnei Lazard Deusericus Scarlett Rosso the Crimson Nero the Sable Shelke the Transparent Weiss the Immaculate Azul the Cerulean Grimoire Valentine Lucrecia Crescent Marlene Wallace Denzel Heidegger Bugenhagen Dyne … * Cait Sith is Cait Sith until they are stressed out or angry and then it’s mostly just “Reeve” because they forget the distinction in the heat of the moment * Marlene got a Cait Sith plushie (no robot, no remote control, just plush) and loves it. Cait Sith (ケット・シー, Ketto Shī) is a robotic talking cat.
Cait Sith sits next to him, booted feet dangling off the edge of the chair, gloved hands folded on his lap and a limp slant to the crown atop his head.

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