Smith College: In-person classes will be held until March 13 and students are expected to move off campus the next day. School Closings & Announcements Thu, July 09, 2020 None to Report Sponsored By Shop Amazon and Support WPSU Purchases from online retailer Amazon will support WPSU. By Scott Jaschik June 13, 2019 iStock The list that follows includes private, nonprofit colleges that have closed from 2016 to the present. With colleges nationwide about to empty for spring break, students fear they might not be coming back. Wheelock College, for example, merged with Boston University last year after enrollment dropped and it couldn't keep up with the cost of operations. It's not just small colleges:In two weeks, the future of college has become uncertain, thanks to coronavirus For colleges already on the brink, waves of economic bad news could have dire consequences. Spring break will be extended by one week, until March 29. The University of Washington is moving to online classes for its 50,000 students.

Private Nonprofit College Closures, 2016-Present The list colleges don't want to join. College Closings Weather-Related Closings When severe weather and other emergencies occur that impact classes or other campus activities, announcements will be sent via the text alert system , posted in an orange alert bar at the top of the home page of the HCC website , and posted on the official college Facebook and Twitter pages. Students may want to contact their teacher to confirm class is still being Early Closings When the college closes early, any class that overlaps the close time will still be held, and will end at the scheduled time of the early close.

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