These two ureters can drain independently into the bladder or connect and drain as a single ureter into the bladder. Radiology 179: 419 – 423, 1991. However due to the positioning of bowel gas centrally, the isthmus may not be clearly viewed and appearances may be of a curved configuration to the kidneys with poorly defined lower poles. Images are courtesy of Ravi Kadasne, MD, UAE. The healthy transplanted kidney has comparable ultrasound appearance to the healthy native one; however, a more detailed two-dimensional image is apparent as the transplant is usually located more superficially, and thus higher-frequency transducers can be utilized [].The reniform outline and central echo complex, resulting from the collecting system and the renal vasculature together with … Abstract.

The central approach of renal transplant ultrasound is to evaluate for possibly treatable surgical or medical complications arising in the transplanted kidney.. Institutions vary in the exact schedule of renal transplant ultrasound assessment, but it is common to obtain an initial ultrasound 24-48 hours post-transplant, often performed with a radionuclide imaging (e.g. Duplex technology enabled the display of the full spectrum of frequencies within the Doppler sample volume. The appearance of the normal neonatal kidney by ultrasonography differs significantly from that of older children and adults, ... possible role of duplex Doppler US in distinction between acute prerenal failure and acute tubular necrosis. Ultrasound is commonly used in nephrology for diagnostic studies of the kidneys and lower urinary tract and to guide percutaneous procedures, such as insertion of hemodialysis catheters and kidney biopsy. As obstruction continues, the renal parenchyma becomes compressed and you see thinning of the pyramids. Ultrasonography helps diagnose this pathology with much ease. Duplex kidneys can occur in one or both kidneys. Keywords: urinary system ultrasound, kidney ultrasound examination, urinary bladder ultrasound examination, errors in ultrasound examination of the urinary system, renal pseudotumors. W artykule omówiono najczęściej popełniane błędy w diagnostyce ultrasonograficznej układu moczowego. Ultrasound may reveal the isthmus lying anterior to the spine and contiguous with the lower poles of both kidneys. In the early days of duplex waveform analysis, spectral broadening was attributed to the spectral waveform … Zazwyczaj są one efektem nieprawidłowo wykonanego badania ultrasonograficznego lub … Always scan both kidneys for comparison and correlation to the patient’s clinical presentation. Children with a duplex kidney (also called a duplicated collecting system) have two ureters coming from a single kidney. The above images show presence of a kidney of greater length than its fellow with 2 separate echogenic renal collecting systems separated by normal renal parenchyma (this is the typical ultrasound appearance of duplex kidney).

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