Note that it’s usually better practice to stub individual methods, particularly on objects that you don’t understand or control all the methods for (e.g.

If it is, create a stub that records the state and then call the original Function. Simply assign a different value. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Contribute to vsubbotskyy/sinon-codemod development by creating an account on GitHub.

Let's say I have the following module: // moduleA.js const Thing = … You need a sandbox because property stubbing can only be done through a sandbox. That should work. Questions: I’m very familiar with mocking in scripting languages. Embed. - stub-properties-and-methods-sinon.js. var originalProcessBinding = process.binding; sinon.stub(process, 'binding').callsFake(function (data) { var res = originalProcessBinding(data); // custom code here return res; } So, my idea is to look at each object inside res and see if its a Function. I see sandboxing is an option but I do not see how you can use a sandbox for this b… javascript - Stubbing and/or mocking a class in sinon.js? Methods and properties are restored after test(s) are run. I've created a database wrapper for my application, shown below. Star 7 Fork 2 Code Revisions 1 Stars 7 Forks 2. Accessing individual calls helps with more detailed behavior verification when the spy is called more than once. var stub = sinon.stub(obj); Stubs all the object’s methods. The missunderstanding in your last comment is, that gruntTaskStub is a property stub and not a function stub. stub(obj, 'meth').callsFake(fn) A codemod is available to upgrade your code. Skip to content .

jouni-kantola / stub-properties-and-methods-sinon.js. There is no API for changing the value of the property stub. Codemod scripts that update Sinon APIs.

Sinon.JS used to stub properties and methods in a sandbox. A spy call is an object representation of an invididual call to a spied function, which could be a fake, spy, stub or mock method. var spyCall = spy.getCall(n) Returns the nth call. To test it, I obviously would like to replace the actual database library. In most languages I’ve used, there is a mocking framework that allows you to call a fake function. All gists Back to GitHub. library dependencies). Hi, I wonder if I'm using sinon (v3.1.0) correctly, trying to stub constructors and if we can make this task simpler. Created Feb 2, 2014.

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