Place a valid Torch fuel of your choice in the inventory and it will burn forever.

Now, after finding and delivering the Acorn, I searched for ways to kill/destroy the Shadowlith in Abyssal station. Morgian. Jump to: navigation, search. Dialogue options for mercantile are also fairly common. I want to go get the Ethereal Torch but I have to do some stuff outside of the Black Sea first, and I don't wanna come back to an overrun camp. The easiest way to kill them is with the Ethereal Torch. Eternal torch seems to be is the only usable weapon agains them. How do I get the Ethereal Torch? I put the rest of my points into some persuade, mercantile , crafting , hacking, and lockpicking. Use: Throw the knife dealing 24-51 mechanical damage if it hits the target. Throwing Knife Combat Utility This knife is specially designed and weighted that it can be thrown effectively. A Standing Torch and Wall Torch that never run out of fuel. Underrail. He is a warrior and traveler who has half of his skin turned to scales, implying that he was outcast due to failing one of their rituals. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... get The Juice from The Dude and drink it then examine The Shard you can get from the natives grave site to retrieve the Ethereal Torch, then you just keep hitting the … So, I have a doubt: I posponed exploring native lands for when I was finished with expedition campaign. For some areas I've been having to meta game for instance, getting back the train of weapons for the Rail Road city. Mercantile is a social skill mainly used to lower prices when trading.As of version, mercantile is also used to unlock special merchandise tiers on some merchants..

This is a clean mod with no changes to core game files. I've been pretty good at the game so far with my PSI build, with 90 in Psychosis and Temp , while having 75 in the other two.

Damage and precision scale with the throwing skill. Currently playing -finishing, in fact- Expedition on gog. These are additional structures with their own engrams. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... You can find black shard and then make eternal torch with the help of one guy from the original game. Base game. Underrail. Background . Details .

From Underrail Wiki.

Standing Torch Details: - Engram level requirement: Level 7 - …

... Another was Atlantis, which was underwater, reasonably far from Underrail. So getting the Ethereal Torch is really complicated, and most people (myself included) had to look it up. They let you negotiate cheaper deals when buying certain services, better rewards for your deeds or access to special shops.


It's a special item you can get from the Native graveyard, but to get it you need two things: a body part to search, and a rune to identify the body. I had to kill an enemy , leave the area, rinse and repeat. As I understand, you need the Ethereal Torch for it.

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